Sport Festival

Koç Spor Fest is the biggest sports festival between Turkish universities.

We designed an app which will allow students to easily figure out where and when the events will take place? What are the events? and show the progress of the sports events by standings. Plus allow the app for content creation for news about the event or sports.

The problems and solutions: 

  • This event was a very good opportunity for new students to engage with their fellowship. However choosing the right event was difficult. Because the older versions didn’t include the participant numbers.
  • Keep it short, formal and still aim the design experience for adults.
  • Events could change their location or time. Thus we implemented a map which will show where the events will take place, at what time and changes in the timetable.
  • There were many different types of sports or events at the same time, hard to choose which one to go and see. We allowed our users to pick and follow the sports and events which they are interested in.